Why did all the road expansion work on Route 37 between Barnum Rd. and Stacy Rd totally disappear?

I'll tell you why! The contractor hired by the state went belly-up. According to a June 2017 article in the NewsTimes, the $6.6 million project was scheduled to relieve the congestion on Rt.37 which is the major route to New Fairfield.

The work was scheduled to expand Rt.37 which included the creation of turning lanes and various traffic controls. The contractor went bankrupt, so now what? Affected most by this project are Pembroke residents who have had to endure closed lanes and re-routing of traffic patterns. It comes down to a messy case of inconvenience.

The good news is the project has been rebid and hopefully, the work will start-up again soon. For those who wanted to get some answers and weigh-in on the stalled project with a chance to blow off some steam, a neighborhood forum was held this past Tuesday the 30th from 5:30 until 7:30 in the Student Center on West Conn's White Street campus.

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