I've got some good news and some bad news about Connecticut's bridges.

First, the bad news: According to the American Road & Transportation Builder's Association 308, or 7.2%, of Connecticut's bridges have been named as being structurally deficient. The good news, that number is down from 376 in 1974.

What is the actual definition of "deficient?" It means that these 308 Connecticut bridges are inadequate, defective, substandard, and/or unsatisfactory. You get the idea. Connecticut has been ranked 26th in the nation when it comes to faulty bridges.

I-95 in Westport - Instant Google Streetview
I-95 in Westport - Instant Google Streetview

Do you regularly drive over the Yankee Doodle Bridge in Norwalk? Built in 1957, it's the most deficient bridge in the state. The top 5 worst bridges in Connecticut are:

  1. Yankee Doodle Bridge - Norwalk
  2. U.S Route 1 near Stillman Pond - Bridgeport
  3. Route 8 over the Housatonic River near Exit 14 - Shelton
  4. Wire Mill Road over Haviland Brook - Stamford
  5. Route 15 over Saugatuck River between exits 41 and 42 - Westport

Not to worry, just because the top 5 bridges are in need of repair doesn't mean they are unsafe, they just need to be fixed or replaced eventually.

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