What would it cost two CT residents to go to this year's Super Bowl?

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A LOT! Now, I'm going to use some very general numbers here, but we're ball-parking.

The average cost for one Super Bowl 57 ticket is now roughly $10,000 according to Forbes magazine. When you add the flights and lodging it would cost two people $22,400.

  • Average ticket: $10,000 x 2 (Forbes)
  • Cheapest round trip flight from Hartford to Phoenix: $800 x 2 (Expedia)
  • Cheapest Hotel Room in Glendale (Motel 6): $854 (USA Today - Sports)

If you went for the best Super Bowl seats available, you'd pay over $40,000 per ticket. The cheapest tickets are $5,800, so if you add airfare and lodging you spend over $14,000 for two people to watch a football game.

Just to recap, $14,000 for two people on the low end, $82,400 high end. These are the costs if you don't eat or drink anything the entire time you're there. This is your out-of-pocket if you don't take a cab or buy a shirt. This all sounds very reasonable.

It's important that you also understand the price goes up everyday. When I decided to write this article on Tuesday morning the average ticket price was $9,400 and by Friday (2/3/23) it had gone up to 10+. I am publishing on Monday (2/6/23) and my stats are probably low by now. By the time I finish this sentence, the average ticket could be over $20,000, who is to say?

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Photo: Aurora Photography
Photo: Aurora Photography

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