Even though I'm a terrestrial radio employee, and Spotify is competition, I still use the service. Every year since 2016, they've released Spotify Wrapped, which is a recap of your most listened to artists, songs, podcasts, etc. of the past year. The 2023 Spotify Wrapped is out, it made me think what The Home of Rock and Roll i95 WRKI's 2023 Spotify Wrapped would look like?

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We're at a disadvantage because we follow the classic rock format, you will not hear artists that truly are at the top of Spotify streams for 2023: Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, Morgan Wallen, or Karol G. Although we do talk about them quite a bit during the morning show, especially Taylor Swift, so I take that into consideration.

What Would i95's '2023 Spotify Wrapped' Look Like?

We talk about a lot of things and play a lot of songs here at the Home of Rock and Roll i95/WRKI. If you crunched our numbers, what would our 2023 Spotify Wrapped look like? Here's what I think

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