Last week, i95's Tim Sheehan did a great story about how some local heroes saved the animals at Puppy Love on Mill Plain Rd. from a fire. Of course, people got off track and argued about whether a puppy store like the one in question should exist or not. People get off track, this happens. The takeaway should have been, "GREAT, the animals are safe, and WOW! Great job to those who saved them," but whatever.

Now that the dust has settled, I want know what these puppies were up to. Had to be a card game complete with warm gin, and discount cigarettes right? That's my first guess. The dogs need to entertain themselves in their off hours.

Maybe it was an incense-gone-wrong thing. You have all those puppies in a small area, things are bound to get smelly. Someone lit up some Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa and forgot to watch out for incendiary debris. The next thing you know, we have a hideous, raging inferno.

Perhaps it was just a "Kings of Leon"-type thing. We have all been there before:

What do you think these pooches were up to?

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