We started the I-95 poker night a few months ago and poker has not been the same since. The whole game has been turned on it's ear by these revolutionary men. What is different about it? For one, we don't play poker. It's easier to get a hall pass from the wives that way. You cannot tell your wife I am going drinking, you say I'm going to play poker. We just drink and talk smack. It's like a country song. There is drinking, smoking, lost loves and a lot of lies. Good times.

So what do we call it? Everything needs a name. Especially for a bunch of radio guys. We name every goofy game we play. We could call it:

  • Fat City
  • George Lucas and the Rockettes
  • Honey whiskey handle gang
  • Monkey nuts

Those are just a few examples of what it could be. What do YOU think we should call it? The person who comes up with the best name wins nothing. They are just more awesome than everyone else.

P.S. How did we get Michael Mcdonald to be part of our poker night? It surprised us all to see him walk through the door. Yah Mo B there alright.

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