It was 51 years ago this month that an unknown band from Venice Beach, California called The Doors played their first official club gig. It was a hole-in-the-wall shot-and-beer bar on the Sunset Strip called The London Fog.

Drummer John Densmore described the scene for Rolling Stone recently saying the stage was raised real high with circus ropes around the sides so the band members wouldn't fall off. Across from the stage was a slightly overweight go-go dancer doing the twist. The capacity was about 50 or 60 but most nights The Doors played to about five or six people. On a good night it got up to about ten.

It was not the most glamorous beginnings for the band but it was where they would "cut their teeth" on the songs that would make up their debut album released exactly 50 years ago this week.

The Doors would go on to release a total of six studio albums with Jim Morrison before his untimely passing. Those albums are all considered classic, timeless collections of music that have aged like a fine wine.

For some Doors fans like myself it's the early psychedelic sound of The Doors on the first three albums that stand out while, for others, it's the bluesy bar-band sound of their final two albums that resonate.

Some fans may even pick The Doors' most expiremental album 'The Soft Parade' as their go-to record.

If you had to pick just one Doors album to take with you to a desert island which one would it be?

My vote goes to their first album. "Break On Through (To the Other Side)", "Soul Kitchen", "The Crystal Ship", "Twentieth Century Fox", "Light My Fire", "I Looked at You", End of the Night", "Take It as It Comes", "The End" are part of this legendary debut record. How can you top songs like that?

Cast your vote below:

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