OJ was granted parole and it made me wonder, what is life like for a parolee. The fact is I've seen enough TV to be dangerous on the topic but I don't know for sure. What are they allowed to do? What are they not allowed to do? What are they required to do?

In OJ's case, because of his celebrity status, his experience will probably, unfairly be easier than most. What about a regular person? Someone made a mistake, went to prison, was a model prisoner, survived and was granted parole. What do they do first?If you are required to work, how would you go about getting that work? Are you allowed to drink and party? Can you even leave the house?

I would imagine that as relieved as you are to be out you have to be filled with anxiety about the transition. You leave a situation where every decision is made for you. You know where your next meal is coming from and where you will sleep at night. You go back out into the world and have to start doing the work of getting your life back on track.

We will have a guest on the Ethan and Lou show this week who may be able to enlighten us. On Wednesday morning we will have Liz Hudak join us. She will talk about what life might be like for OJ when he gets out and then we will find out from her what the typical parolee encounters on the outside. Don't miss that at 8:15 Wednesday morning.

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