Over the past few years, the center of Brookfield, CT (A.K.A. the Four Corners area) has transformed greatly, and the improvements are really wonderful.

I was actually a little critical of the idea of upgrading it at first. I never thought they'd be able to change it in a way where it would become a destination for people in the Greater Danbury area.

I was wrong about that. I was very wrong and they have made it a beautiful area. The towns improvements made it "walk-able," which is a big deal for a lot of people, including me. It's a great place to go for a walk with the hiking trail, grab lunch or just meet for coffee.

We know there's Panchos & Gringos already, but I see even more opportunity for night life in Brookfield. I came up with this idea -- let's see what you think of it? Watch:

OK, maybe my thigh themed nightclub is not for everyone, and will not catch on, it remains to be seen. If you think you know everything, tell me what business you would like to see there.

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