Whenever my attention floats from the real headlines of the day and I wander into the entertainment news, I become confused. It seemed like just yesterday that I could tell you who Hollywood's hottest people were, who people were dating, and what the #1 song in the country was.

Now, I don't know which way is up and Ethan can barely remember to wear pants in the morning (I actually send him a reminder text about this so we don't run into problems). For those reasons, we thought it might be funny to take a quiz about what actually is hot in these skreets right now:


Cardi B is so hot right now, Bieber is marrying a Baldwin, The Real Housewives scream always and there is an app that costs 100 dollars that is the picture of a 100 dollar bill. Most important, we know nothing about what the kids are up to.


I went and listened to the Cardi B song, let's just say, not my favorite song.

Bieber and a Baldwin seem like a match made in heaven. What could go wrong?

Television with nothing but screaming is not my idea of relaxation.

If you want a picture of a 100 dollar bill on your phone, why not take a picture of one and set it as your home screen?

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