Do you have a noisy neighbor? I saw quite a few angry Waterbury residents on social media this week. They were complaining about an inconsiderate neighbor that was blasting loud music late into the night, like 3AMish, in the East end of town.

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What can you legally do in this situation? Most of the commenters responded that the complainer should have called Waterbury Police, but a few implied violence. In this particular case, loud music at 1-2AM, that can be heard two blocks over? There were clear violations of Connecticut's noise ordinances.

It started me thinking about what constitutes a noisy neighbor? Obviously cranking music after 10 PM on a weeknight will get any neighbor you share a wall with angry, but how about the guy that starts working on his car at 6 AM on a Saturday? Or the neighbor that cuts branches off trees at 9 PM? Connecticut has seen it all, and our cities and towns have taken our complaints about our loud neighbors very seriously.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's Noise Pollution Control's policy is to promote an environment free from noise that jeopardizes our health and welfare. As of July 1, 2022, Connecticut's cities and towns can modify their own noise ordinances in addition to the CT DEEP's regulations. Simply put, your noisy neighbor might be welcome in Woodbury, but Roxbury? Not so much, due to a municipal noise ordinance.

The best thing to do is look up your town's noise ordinance. Click HERE for the CT DEEP's town-by-town breakdown of Connecticut city and town noise ordinances.

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