What does one week on Instagram look like with Ethan and Lou? There are comedians, a lot swearing, odd landscapes and unfortunate early morning faces for starters.

Ethan and I check in on the i95 Instagram story every weekday morning and provide both a 'Word of the Day" and a Poll question. The words are usually words you will not hear used anywhere else. The reasons for that are, they are Urban Dictionary words, I made them up or the meaning is so hideous most grown ups will not be associated with them.

The poll questions allow you to weigh in on a variety of different topics ranging from local news, to national news and on to your fast food preferences. You can follow us on Instagram by typing @i95rock into your search bar or by clicking here. If you can't get enough of that, I do my own Instagram page that has a bit more and you can follow me @loumilano79

The Instagram "stories" are not the whole story -- our crack digital team is always cranking out fun content for you to enjoy and Ethan and I provide "Best of" material from the Ethan and Lou Morning Show. Instagram, just like Facebook, only fun.

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