There are only 17 Sundance retail stores across the United States. The company was founded by Robert Redford in 1969 when he bought land in Utah that eventually became Sundance Village. In this village, there was a little store. People who visited wrote letters requesting items that they had seen in this little store, and thus, the Sundance Catalog came into existence.

Now in 2021, Westport, Connecticut is soon going to be home to Sundance's 18th retail location. The store was announced a long time ago, two years actually, in January of 2019. Construction began on the new location way back in September of 2019. The new store will be on the site of the former Ann Taylor store, at 97 Main Street in Westport.

Sundance retail stores are in some pretty big cities around the country, so why Westport? I'm assuming that Redford must have spent a lot of time with his friend Paul Newman, Westport's all time champion as far as famous residents, and became very familiar with the area.

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The Main Street retail stretch that the store will be a part of is gorgeous, a prime retail stretch in one of Connecticut's wealthiest communities. Do you feel like you would like to work for the Sundance retail store in Westport? There is no opening date posted for the store yet, but they are currently hiring for an Assistant Store Manager, an Assistant Visual Manager, and an Assistant Jewelry Manager. You can apply by going to their website, click HERE

Sundance carries a wide variety of merchandise for men and women, including jewelry, home accessories and furnishings, gifts, shoes and clothing. It should be a nice addition to Westport's Main Street retail landscape.

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