Don't you love it when you encounter beautiful artwork in unexpected places? A bright splash of color in an otherwise drab location? Mrs. Large and I made our way down to the heart of Westport's shopping district along Rt. 1, and we were pleasantly surprised by a beautiful new Community Mural Project that was recently installed.

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Westport's Community Mural Project was completed at the 50th annual Westport Fine Arts Festival in May 2023. The Artist Collective of Westport, the Westport Downtown Association, and David Adam Realty collaborated with local Westport artists to pay homage to the past and future of their community. The murals are along the brick facades of the building along Main Street and Rt. 1 in town, if you're checking out the spiffy new Anthropologie or Williams-Sonoma stores, they're located behind the buildings in the square.

Westport Hidden Gem: The Community Mural Project

We chose Westport to finish off our Christmas shopping, and while the stores and boutiques were posh, what really caught my eye was a new community mural project that was just completed by some talented Westport families and their kids.

Gallery Credit: Large Dave

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