If you live in Oakville, Rowayton, Cos Cob, Sandy Hook, Terryville, Gaylordsville, Mystic, Collinsville, or Washington Depot, Connecticut, are you sick of having to say that you live in another city?

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Connecticut is stuffed with hamlets, villages, towns, and cities, and damn their names confuse me. I spoke with my Attorney Paul Daddario, he's from Oakville, the child of Watertown, Connecticut. For his whole life, Paul has had to answer "Where's Oakville" with "Watertown". Paul and I were having a conversation about all of the confusing villages and towns within towns of Connecticut, and he made this point - "Oakville is the goat (Animal, not greatest of all time) of Watertown, always taking the blame". Oakville, the battleground of Waterbury VS Watertown.


Do you think that Groton and Stonington were disappointed that Julia Roberts worked at Mystic Pizza, and not Groton Pizza, or Stonington Pizza? Collinsville has mooched a lot of buzz from Canton/Avon recently, while Cos Cob and Greenwich appear to be equals in prestige name recognition. Sometimes the name of the suburb/village/ just sounds better than the city name, Lakeville for example sounds so much more peaceful than Salisbury. Wouldn't you prefer to say that you live in Yalesville, instead of Wallingford?

And the Eastern part of Connecticut? How many times have you confused towns when talking about Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods? Uncasville, Mashantucket, Ledyard, Norwich, and the whole shoreline between North Stonington and New London, so many identities.

Connecticut really is that hyper-local, neighborhood pride is a big thing.

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