I've eaten thousands of cheeseburgers in my life, at home and at Frankie's, Burger King, Wayback, Karl Jr's, In and Out, Charcoal Chef, 5 Guys, etc. It's my go-to, I'm a meat and potato kid from the 70's, and I'm still going strong full-carnivore in 2022. Every once in awhile, I find a burger that stops me in my tracks, and I found one in Torrington recently that I'm pretty sure no one has told you about.

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Mrs. Large and I have been enjoying Cristy's Diner at 545 Winsted Road in Torrington for the past few of our first months in our new hometown. This past Friday night, we stopped in before our Big Y shop-fest, and we were both craving cheeseburgers. Well damn, the burgers didn't look like a $15 Bobby Flay burger at Mohegan, but it tasted way better. Presentation is nice, but taste is what I'm after, and Cristy's cheeseburger delivers.

Mrs. Large couldn't stop raving, so I knew it wasn't just me, and we weren't ravenous when we sat down. The bun was sweet, the burger was cooked perfectly, the tomato slice was fresh (a rarity, I've found lately), and as I said before, it was nothing fancy as far as presentation goes, it's a burger and fries in a diner, but wow.

And the best part? Cristy's cheeseburger was cheaper than most of the fast food restaurants in town. Local, and they all seem like good people. Try the burger at Cristy's, it's amazing.

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