The fall sky watching season starts again this Saturday night, September 21st, at Western Connecticut State University's planetarium and observatory.

Public viewing nights are back and hosted each Saturday night beginning this week, September 21st, and continuing until Saturday December 7th . The public nights are free and happening at the Western Connecticut State University observatory near Pinney Hall on the University’s west side campus, that's 43 Lake Ave. Extension.

According to the University's web site,, the hour-long planetarium show is followed by telescope viewing of the stars. Make sure and pick a clear night because viewing periods will not be offered when there is a significant cloud cover that would limit sky observation, or if there is severe weather that would hamper travel.

The Saturday events start with a planetarium show from 7-8 PM, followed by sky viewing from 8-10 PM  The planetarium shows are geared for adults and older children, but generally not for infants or toddlers. Seating for planetarium shows is first come first served, and there is a maximum seating capacity of 40.

For the latest information, and to confirm plans for a scheduled public night, call (203) 837-8672 on the day of the event.

Star Watch is a service provided by the Earth and Planetary Science programs at Western Connecticut State University.

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