You never know what to expect when talking to a high profile entertainer for the first time. You always have ideas about what kind of interview they might be, how they may act and what they might say but the interview will go where it's going to go.

With Wayne Brady, I kind of expected a brutal assault of one liners, over and over. We didn't get that but what we did get, I think, is even better. Wayne was sharing how he came up, the tools that are necessary to get to the top and what it takes to stay there.

Getting to talk to someone with this level of talent about how they approach their craft is a pretty cool thing. Fact is, when you see Wayne Brady, or someone like him perform, they make it look effortless. It looks that way because, he's thought about it all day, everyday his whole life. The work is done when he hits the stage and it's time to play, when he gets off the stage, it's back to work. Really cool insight.

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