This is going to be an exciting week for Watertown's Hardcore Sweet Bakery, and it's owners Jeremy & Nicole Braddock. They recently announced on their social media that they will be appearing on an episode of the upcoming 3rd Season of the Netflix show Sugar Rush, which premieres this Friday July 31, 2020.

Sugar Rush is a cooking competition pitting teams of confectioners against each other as they create incredible edible works of art out of cupcakes, confections, and cakes. It's hosted by Sprinkles Cupcakes Founder Candace Nelson, and the Aussie God of Macaron's Adriano Zumbo. Here's a trailer for the upcoming season, where you can catch a glimpse of Jeremy and Nicole

I'm so happy for them, it's so very exciting to see Jeremy and Nicole sharing their gift on a national stage again. This is where they belong, in competition among the world's best. It proves that what they do day in and day out in Watertown is provide world-class confections to us local schlubs, how lucky are we?

I've noticed recently that Hardcore is dipping their 'sweet toe' into donut waters. One that caught my eye and made me stop in my tracks is called the Nutella Icebox Donut - with Banana cream filling, Nutella ganache, graham cracker crumbs, and a chocolate-dipped banana chip.

The Braddock's can't tell us how they did in the competition, or basically anything else about the show, their non-disclosure agreement is air-tight, I'm sure, and I want to be able to afford future trips to their store, so, I'm not prying. But they did give Drake a shout out in a post and mentioned his lyric of "Started from the bottom, now we're here". Hmmmm, I smell victory. We'll find out together this Friday when Sugar Rush Season 3 premieres on Netflix. Good luck Jeremy and Nicole!

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