It's so nice to wake up to the news that you've been waiting almost two years for to finally come true. It was just announced via their social media that the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church of Waterbury's annual Feast is happening in July this year. The last in-person Feast was in July of 2019.

Photo by Large "2018 Feast" Dave

Yes, I go every year. Mt. Carmel is my church and back in the day before they passed, my Dad's Aunt and Uncle used to make the Souffrite for the feast.

I'll never forget the first time my Dad gave me a Souffrite sandwich, which I thought was delicious, until I found out that it was cow heart. Oh man, now? I crave the Feast's famous, enormous, Zeppole's. The fried dough that comes out of the OLMC Church hot kitchen windows is legendary and the line can sometimes reach Highland Ave, but it's worth it. Here's a pic I took of the last one I had.

Photo by Large "Sauce with extra Parm" Dave

I also love the ice cream, Italian desserts, sausage & peppers and especially, the raw clams. I will inhale 4 dozen standing around, taking in the sights and smells of Town Plot.

But what I really miss is seeing all of the neighborhood characters. Oh, hi Igor and chatting with my old friends like Johnny Margiotta, Zoogie, my WPD buddy Frank Capozzi, and of course, Mike Christiano whom I got to mass with every Sunday morning.

Photo by Large "Feast 2019" Dave

The 2021 OLMC of Waterbury Feast is happening Friday-Sunday, July 15-18. I will see you there.

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