Every day it's becoming clearer that masks are going to be imperative as we resume outside life as this pandemic retreats. There are shortages everywhere of these simple lifesaving devices, and those already fighting a life-threatening condition need them even more at this time.

I was a patient of Dr. Sabbath (Great name) at Waterbury's Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center, and I have to tell you, it's a wonderful facility that brings comfort and care to patients and caregivers as they fight that horrible disease. Recently they posted this appeal on their Facebook page -

Please, if you're able to make homemade masks, or if you have a few store-bought ones that you could spare, consider dropping them off at the front radiation check-in window of the Center, which is located at 1075 Chase Parkway in Waterbury. The window will be open and accepting donations Monday thru Friday between 7:30 AM and 5 PM. They stress on their website also that no donation is too big or too small. 1 single mask may just prevent that one patient or caregiver from harm.

I have seen so many requests for donations for the front line workers and first responders, but maybe this hits closer to home for me because of my being a former patient, and also because one of my co-workers is currently undergoing cancer treatment. Please help if you can, one small act of kindness on your part will have such a positive effect.

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