Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has announced that Connecticut, and Waterbury in particular, will be awarded a $7.4 million dollar grant from the US Federal Transit Administration which is intended for the purchase of 10 electric-powered buses.

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Waterbury's CTtransit division will be the state's first bus facility to convert to 100% electric powered buses. The State will also contribute $5.7 Million dollars in state funding, combined with the Federal Grant funds, over $13.1 Million dollars will be allocated to the project, which eventually electrify all 100 buses and paratransit vans  in the CTtransit Waterbury bus depot fleet.

Governor Lamont said in the statement -

"Not only does the purchase of these ten new electric buses mean that we can make the Waterbury fleet fully electric, but it brings us one step closer to our state's goal of a fully electric bus fleet statewide by 2035"

Waterbury's Mayor Neil O'Leary added -

"Air pollution has been a significant issue of concern in all urban cities in Connecticut for some time. The commitment from the Lamont administration will have a great impact moving our buses to electricity operated. This is a major opportunity for all of our residents, especially for all of those who suffer from COPD and asthma."

With the temperatures hovering in the mid-90's and humidity and dew points in the 90's and 60's, it's already been very tough to breathe over the past few days here in Connecticut. Every little step that our leaders take to reduce our carbon footprint is a good one.

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