The city of Waterbury is jumping up and capitalizing on the positive news that they've recently topped a national list from Zillow and Yelp, naming Waterbury as "The #1 most affordable suburb with a city feel in the United States". Waterbury Mayor Neil O'Leary announced that the city is launching a new "Economic Development" website,, and it's purpose is getting the word out about what the Brass City can offer you in terms of working, living, and investing in the community.


I just took a look through the website, and it's extremely thorough in laying out, first and foremost, why Waterbury? Why would you move to Waterbury? Why would you move your business to Waterbury? Why would you work in the city? Each of these, and hundreds more valid points to everyday life and business, are laid out, and answered. It's a very impressive body of work. If you go into the "Why Waterbury - Investing" sub category, there is a direct link to a list of some of the commercial properties available in the city. I do have to say that the "Dining Options" needs a bit more work, the website only highlights Diorio's, and points the public towards "Downtown Dining", I would suggest a Highland Avenue section at least, if not breaking down the city by neighborhoods and their top destinations.

A very nice section of the new website is devoted to jobs in Waterbury, with convenient links to the Waterbury American Job Center, the Job & Career ConneCTion website, plus links to Google Jobs and CTHires.

There's also a store on, where you can purchase a t-shirt or hat emblazoned with the spiffy new Waterbury logo. Very nice job on the website Waterbury.


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