I'm a lucky man, not only do I get to break positive news about my hometown of Waterbury, my wife does too. I got a phone call from Mrs. Large letting me know that we're getting a new Dollar General in our neighborhood, and she snapped a few photos of the construction that is very much in full swing. We live in the West End of Waterbury, and there's going to be a brand-new Dollar General on Chase Parkway very soon. It's going to be located on a cleared piece of property that sits between the Pro Fuel/Citgo/Rincon Hondureno Restaurant, and the Leveer Cancer Center, around 999 Chase Parkway. Right across the street from Spartans, and the West End Auto Center lot. Here, check out a few photos that Mrs. Large took of the construction site -

The Groundbreaking of Waterbury's Newest Dollar General

From the looks of things, it should be an easy build out, and the store should be opening up within a couple of months. This will be the 6th Dollar General in Waterbury. The closest one to the new one being built on Chase Parkway is in the heart of Town Plot on Fairfield Avenue, basically a couple of miles away on the other side of 84. There are also Dollar Generals on Watertown Avenue, Piedmont Street, Cherry Street, and East Main Street. Chase Parkway will be a busy location for Dollar General, with NVCC and Waterbury UCONN, the Hampton Inn, and a busy neighborhood behind them, there will be no shortage of people looking to score cheap goods and eats.


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