If you're a fan of Greek cuisine, then you're probably familiar with the annual Greek Festival that the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church has held annually in Waterbury at their 937 Chase Parkway location.

Obviously, last year's event could not be held and honestly it's looking like this year's event, which is traditionally held on Mother's Day weekend in May, MIGHT be in trouble depending on the COVID numbers and the restrictions that are currently in place in Connecticut. So, the only way we've been able to have our favorite outdoor festival foods for the past year is through these drive-thru events. The first one of 2021 has been announced and it's happening this weekend in Waterbury.

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If you drool at the thought of delicious Gyros slathered in tzatziki sauce, layered in tomato and onions, well get your pre-order ready because that's the only way to get in on the Holy Trinity Greek food drive-thru-to-go event. It's happening Saturday, March 13 from 11AM to 6PM. They're offering a limited menu with only 6 items available for purchase: A Gyro box. 1/2 Chicken - Greek Style, Large Greek Salad, Spanakopita, Tiropita, and Baklava.

Listen, I'll take a street-made gyro over a fast-food chain burger or chicken sandwich all day every day. It's a pleasure to be able to support a church and community in my home neighborhood. The event is pre-order only and you have to get your order in by Friday, March 12 at noon. If you'd like to place a pre-order, click HERE.

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