I was scrolling through Instagram earlier this week, when I saw some of the coolest coasters that I've seen in a long time. They were a set of 4, and they each were beautifully engraved with an images of an iconic landmark from my hometown of Waterbury.

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There was a Holy Land USA coaster, one featuring the Union Station Clock Tower, another featuring the Waterbury Palace Theater Marquee, and lastly, one of Carrie Welton's horse Knight, from the Carrie Welton Fountain in downtown.

I loved them, so I bought a set from the seller, Starfirexearthship.comI received them yesterday and they're beautiful. I sent a message over social media to Starfire x Earthship complimenting them on their products, and I heard back from the owners Dora and Marissa. They were so nice, and I had a chance to ask them about their wonderful products, their art, inspiration, and their new business venture Starfire x Earthship.

When the pandemic hit, and after working closely together for years, they purchased a laser engraver, combined Riss's skills as a calligrapher, and Dora's illustrator skills, and as Dora told me "Now we create all sorts of neat stuff".

Waterbury Artists Create Brass City Centric local Business

I'm so happy that I found Starfire x Earthship on social media, they're on Instagram and Facebook, and also at starfirexearthship.com. I can't wait to show off my new Waterbury Landmark coaster set and tree ornament during the holiday season.

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