There is a bit of a language barrier between my mother in law and I. I do get most of what she is saying, though, and based on our conversation about this photo, here is what I can gather: Her girlfriend was just feet away from this bear when a man alerted her to its presence. The woman then ran to safety in her house.

The bear wandered around the area long enough for many of the residents to snap photos of it. The bear, according to the third party account, was not at all shook by people being all around.

This is a warning, people — the bears have had it with us.

Everyday, we read a new story about an encounter with humans closer and closer to home and today is another one of those days. Lock up your trash, don't feed the bears Panera Bread, and keep your head on a swivel, 'cause they are coming for our women and our precious metals.

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