Is Keanu Reeves the coolest human being on the planet? The man has been portrayed as a Saint for decades. How does this A-list celebrity remain untouchable to negative press in 2023? I think it's because he's a man of the people. Reeves is proving it by touring with his band again, and they're performing intimate shows at very small venues in both New York and Connecticut this week.

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Stage and screen-famous actors playing small clubs happens a lot here, just last month Connecticut's most famous goat herder, Kevin Bacon, with his brother -  AKA The Bacon Brothers, played a show at the Warner Theatre in Torrington. This week, keep your cell phone ready in New Haven and Port Chester.

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Keanu Reeves and his band Dogstar are playing Tuesday, October 10, 2023 at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York. Tickets are still available at, General Admission tickets are going for just under $50, and the balcony seats are $72.90. The very next night, Keanu will be traveling up I-95 into New Haven, where Dogstar is scheduled to play at Toad's Place at 7PM on Wednesday, October 11. Tickets are sold out online for the event.

Reeves has been making the local press reports over the past few days, yesterday Dogstar played a show in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and a local brewing company owner got a quick selfie that's showing up online. Saturday, Dogstar played a show in Pittsburgh, and Reeves was photographed holding up a local coffee roaster's cup before the show.

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