As you can probably imagine, being a police officer is one of those jobs where every day is different. That call that you are responding to could be something where your training comes in very handy. You could also be involved in a situation that you have never even dreamed of.

Newtown Patrol Officer Timothy Schoen had just that kind of scenario last night.

A call came in to the Newtown Police Department of a deer in distress. The animal had entangled its hind leg in a fence and was, well, quite frankly, the deer was freaking out. Hey, I would be too, wouldn't you? With all of his training at the police academy, not one class touched on this subject so Officer Shoen was left to his own quick thinking when he arrived on the scene.

The video below is quite graphic, but it really shows so much more than a rescue. It displays total respect of another living creature. WTG Officer Shoen!

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