If you own a Hyundai, have you heard that thieves are targeting your vehicles due to a software flaw? This flaw reportedly makes it fairly simple for them to get in and hotwire your ride. After a rash of incidents in our area last night, it's time to upgrade your Hyundai's software.

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According to the Connecticut State Police - Troop A, Southbury, Troopers and Woodbury officers responded to a report of a stolen vehicle at an apartment complex on Tuttle Road in Woodbury at 10PM last night (Sunday, April 16, 2023). Responding officers determined that a silver 2017 Hyundai Elantra with New Hampshire plates was stolen sometime between 9-10 PM, even though the vehicle was locked, and the owner had the keys in their possession. It was later determined that the thieves broke into the Hyundai through the rear passenger window, and hotwired it.

After a sweep of the area, officers found two additional Elantra's in the parking lot that had suffered similar damage. If you have any information, contact Troop A at 860-626-7900, or the Woodbury Resident Trooper's office at 203-263-3400.

If you own a Hyundai that was manufactured between 2011-November 2021, Troopers are urging you to check out hyundaiantitheft.com, or call  1-888-498-0390 to find out if your Hyundai is eligible to receive a free anti-theft software upgrade from the manufacturer. If your vehicle was manufactured after November 2021, all Hyundai's built after that date have been equipped with an engine immobilizer. Hyundai has also pledged to provide free steering wheel locks to local law enforcement agencies, set up that distribution event at Dottie's Troopers, you'll get rid of them in 5 minutes.

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