It's funny how your television viewing habits change. I've always gravitated towards watching sports, but lately I've preferred watching the lesser-known events, instead of the big 4 - football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. A unique sport that I always keep an eye out for is Curling.

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Curling is very similar to shuffleboard or bocce. It's a sport that pits two teams of 4 players each against each other, and it's played on a sheet of ice. At each end of the ice, there are four concentric circles called the house. The players take turns sliding heavy, polished granite stones towards the opponent's house, with the intention of getting your stone closest to the center of your opponent's bulls eye, or blocking their path to it. Each team has 8 stones to throw, and the fun part of watching this sport is what happens after the player releases the stone on it's path towards the opponent's house.

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A pair of the player's teammates glide alongside the stone as it makes its way down the ice, furiously sweeping off the ice in front of the stone, to try and help it get closer, with less friction, to it's intended target. They scream at each other, with all the enthusiasm of a baseball umpire calling strike 3. I find it riveting.

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Getty Images

Did you know that there are Curling Clubs right here in Connecticut? If you're braver than me - I'm deathly afraid of walking on ice, they're looking for new members right now. Norfolk Curling Club is celebrating it's 65th anniversary, it's located at 70 Golf Drive in Norfolk, and they offer a variety of membership levels and league play for a fair price.

If you're closer to the shoreline, Nutmeg Curling Club operates at 123 Glenwood Ave in Bridgeport. Nutmeg Curling Club is also holding special Learn to Curl events every few weeks from now in October right into December.

And if you're up near our capital city, Hartford Curling Club operates out of the Newington Arena, and they are also accepting new members.

I wish I had better knees and ankles.

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