The internet warriors are fierce when it comes to Waterbury, Connecticut. Most of us are quick to defend our hometown against the Naugatuck Valley trolls, but public opinion of our city seems to be at an all time low. If you want to make a change, be the change right? Waterbury needs a few residents to step up and help shape it's future, are you up for the task?

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The Mayor of Waterbury Neil O'Leary has announced on his social media that "Due to recent resignations" two vacancies exist on the Waterbury Board of Alderman for District 5 - One Democrat position, and one Republican position. O'Leary must appoint a registered Democrat or Republican who lives in District 5 to fill each vacancy. If you've dreamed of spending many weeknights arguing with Paul Pernerewski Jr and George Noujaim which streets to pave in East Mountain, this is your opportunity. While you ponder your future, there's more, but first, enjoy some wonderful gift ideas courtesy of Sweet Maria's.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

The Waterbury Board of Alderman not your style? If you're anything but a Democrat, there are two vacancies on the Waterbury Board of Ethics, and 1 vacant position on the Waterbury Civil Service Commission. There is also an open position on Waterbury's Zoning Commission, where your party affiliation doesn't matter.

Do you live in Waterbury? Are you interested? E-mail your resume to Mayor O'Leary through his aide Ali at Indicate the position you're interested in, and your political party affiliation too.

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Did you save all your name tags from your old jobs? I did, and i found a bunch of them over the weekend. Before radio, I worked a few 'normal' jobs before the microphone found me, here are a few of the places that I have great memories of. Show me yours.

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