80's sensation Wang Chung wants you to stay safe so they have remade their classic chart topper "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" as a friendly reminder that we are living through a pandemic. Wang Chung's Nick Feldman checked in with the Ethan and Lou Show on Friday (6/12/20) to tell us about the song "Everybody Stay Safe Tonight," tells us what else they have been up to and reveal the meaning behind "Wang Chung."

Interesting stuff from Nick Feldman, I had no idea he transitioned to a career as an A & R guy with a record company. I'm fascinated that someone could go from international superstar to sitting behind a desk and be delighted with the move. Also, who cares what the real meaning of Wang Chung is? I know he said it but I completely missed it after he tipped me to the Urban Dictionary version:

Wang Chung

when you accidentally sit on your own testicles
person 1: I just sat down too fast and I wang chunged by b----.person 2: That sucks, do you want me to ---- ---- -----?
I had to do some creative editing to the definition, it took turns I am bot comfortable sharing here. I'm loving 'Everybody Stay Safe Tonight' and I think you will too. You can buy it on Itunes or wherever else you buy tunes.
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