Robots have arrived at Walmart as the retailer looks to cut cost and expand use of it's automated technology.

Fresh off the heels of reports that a bunch of Stop N' Shop workers aren't all that happy with the googly-eyed robot, Marty, the world's largest retailer, has now made the big announcement that they will add thousands of robots to their chain of stores across the country. The Walmart robots will reportedly handle jobs like floor scrubbing and mopping, shelf scanning, and box sorting.

The company says it wants to have their human employees spend less time on manual tasks, which would give them more time for customer service. Labor advocates, however, worry that the automation could trigger layoffs.

According to, the Walmart says they're facing a competitive labor market and they want to eliminate unpopular tasks, thus the reason thousands of robots will soon be reporting for work.

So the next time you head into a Walmart, will you see one of these robots hard at work? It's possible, but the company says the robot roll-out won't be happening until sometime early next year.

The robots come at a time when Walmart just recently announced slight wage increases for their human workers.

Here's a quick look at what some of these robots will actually be doing:

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