Two Virgin Mary statues near 'The 'The Nightmare on Wolcott Street' turned out to be a huge misunderstanding.

This legendary haunted house in Waterbury recently discovered that a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary according to nearby residents, has no business being located near a haunted house according to

Waterbury residents who live nearby seemed to think that the statues were a part of the attraction. After checking with co-owners Renee Dearborn and Mike Anderson, WFSB TV found out that the Virgin Mary statues were actually obtained as part of an upcoming nativity scene that's in the planning stages.

After complaints came flooding in, Waterbury's mayor voiced his concerns to Dearborn and Anderson who then wrapped the statues in opaque plastic not wanting to offend any of their neighbors. Here's what Dearborn had to say:

I couldn't believe that someone would think that we are because we are catholic. That anyone would ever present that we would do anything like this, it was unbelievable.



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