Who would dare open a new business during a pandemic?

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That man would be Milford resident, Jay Reason. Static Era is the name of Jay's new record shop opening at 43 River Street in Milford on October 16, which is a takeoff on his record label, Status Era Records, that launched about a year ago. What kind of records will Reason's new shop be selling? This is what he told the Milford Mirror:

We'll be offering a wide selection including top-40 stuff, hip hop, rock, and metal. I've done a lot of work to the space and there's all kinds of cool little things to look at. I think people will trip out, for sure.



Jay will not only be selling records, of course, but would like his new shop to become a community space where people can feel comfortable walking in to explore even if they're not necessarily purchasing something. One of his first jobs was working at a record store:

In 1973, after I graduated from Ithaca College, one of my first jobs was working at the 'Record Theatre' at Midtown Plaza in downtown Rochester, NY. I even remember how much I made per hour. Are you ready for this? I made $1.61 per hour. Before taxes, I brought home a whopping $64.40 a week.

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Jay Reason's new record shop will also sell band T-shirts and hoodies to Super7 and Funko toys along with soaps from South Africa. One of his ultimate goals is to have his own vinyl pressing machines to show his customers' the record-making process.

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