The grave marker designed to note the resting place of Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott was shown laid beside the stone of his brother “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott in a picture released by their family.

Paul died from a heart condition last year, aged 54, and was buried alongside Dimebag, who’d been shot dead on stage in 2004, aged 38. Their mother is also laid in the family plot.

Paul's inscription reads, “Don’t ever think it’s not a good time, if you do think it’s not a good time, a good time is a good time, a bad time is a bad time, and a wonderful time is irreplaceable. Hellyeah!” Referring to the late musician as “VInnie Paul the Brickwall,” it also included his vital dates of March 11, 1964 and June 22, 2018.

“VInnie Paul’s grave marker was installed this morning,” a social media message reported. “We ask that you please be respectful when visiting the brothers’ graves.”

Paul died while his band Hellyeah were working on their sixth album, although he’d completed his drum parts. The group recently released new track “333,” of which vocalist Chad Gray said, “This song was his baby; it belonged to and came from him. Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to actually write the lyrics, it was after Vinnie had passed." He added: "The lyrics embrace and recognize the feelings that most metal fans have. Being treated like outcasts and being judged for the way we look or dress. It’s a reminder to all the metal fans that no matter what, you will always have a place in our worldwide metal community. … We’re all the root of half evil reppin’ 333!”

Hellyeah – ‘333’

The band later confirmed that Stone Sour’s Roy Mayorga would take Paul’s place on their upcoming tour. “These men had so much love and mutual respect for each other, this makes our transition so much easier,” Hellyeah said in a statement. “Ready or not, here we come!”


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