The results of my Valentine's Day poll question are in. Could I have the envelope, please?

My poll question was addressed specifically to the ladies and it reads:

And the winner is... BEER AND WINGS! Two-thirds of the ladies who responded would much rather go out for beer and wings and only one-third opted for a romantic dinner out.

Sexy woman with carnival mask
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I'm not surprised that some of the ladies decided to add a third, fourth, and fifth choice like, "Pizza in pajamas on the couch." Thank you, Tracey-Lynn. Cathy checked in with, "Anywhere and anything as long as I'm with my sexy man."

Thanks to Barbara for her answer, saying, "It's not where we go or what we do, it's always who I'm with." Ginger also checked in with, "Neither...ignore Valentine's Day." Well, alright then.

There are many excellent wing joints to choose from all over Connecticut. As I researched the best damn wings in all of Greater Danbury, these five kept coming up:

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