For some, bacon is a religion. There are some weirdos who worship at the Altar of Bacon.

I've experienced friends and family members who add bacon to everything when we go out to dinner. Some of those same bacon-lovin' individuals simply cook up a pound of bacon to nibble on for their in-between-meal snacks. I've seen some oddballs out on Candlewood Lake feed bacon to the ducks. How far can we take this bacon craze until someone calls a Food Foul? Check out these over-the-top bacon products:

1. Bacon Balls

These hideous little morsels are actually Bacon Gumballs, but they sound more fun when we say Bacon Balls. Available by Accoutrements from, these little bacon flavored balls are simply hideous.

2. Bacon Soap in a Tin

Tired of waking up to the smell of bacon cooking in the frying pan? Then, jump out of bed, climb in the shower and spread that frying bacon smell all over your pasty, lonely body with Accoutrements Bacon Soap. There's a money-back guarantee that states no one will be coming near you except for Henry, your Bassett Hound.

3.  Bacon Lip Balm

After you towel off from your bacon soap shower, don't forget to lubricate your lips with Accoutrements Bacon Lip Balm.

*Warning, your lips will smell like bacon but they are not bacon. Do not eat your lips.

4. Waxed Bacon Floss

If you've got your heart set on walking out of the house smelling like a fried pound of bacon, there's no reason to cut any corners. After you brush your teeth, make sure to floss with Accoutrements Dental Floss. It effectively removes plaque while leaving your mouth bacon fresh.

5. Jews For Bacon T-Shirt

You're trying to get on board with that "bacon is not allowed" thing, but you just can't give up those scallops wrapped in bacon at your sister's wedding. This Jews For Bacon T-Shirt from Jerusalem Shirts is a must.

You could even wear your new Jews For Bacon T-Shirt to our Bacon and Brewfest on Saturday, July 16. Here are all the details:

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