The City of Waterbury's Department of Public Works and Mayor Neil O'Leary have announced an updated list of streets that are going to be milled and paved over the next few days.

So far, the city's East End is getting the majority of the project's focus, but I know through my buddy Tim whos company is doing the milling portion of the huge project, that the list of streets that are going to be milled and paved over the course of this year is huge, and the crews will be out in all of the neighborhoods around Waterbury at some point.

So, with that being said, according to Mayor O'Leary's post, here's where the crews will be working this week:

Streets that will be paved:

  • Progress Lane
  • Mattatuck Heights (Capt. Nevile Dr - 2nd Cul-de-sac)
  • Oak Tree Avenue
  • Blanchard Street (Ellsmere - Dead End)
  • Hayes Ave (Blanchard - Dead End)
  • Kramer Ave (Blanchard - Dead End)
  • Harker Ave (Blanchard - Dead End)
  • Ellsmere Ave
  • Meriline Ave
  • Dale Ave (Meriline - Moreland)
  • Moreland Ave
  • Norris St (E. Main - Meriden Rd)
  • Webster St (Meriden Rd - Dead End)
  • Manchester Ave (Alexander Ave - Oldham Ave)
  • Donald Terrace (Monroe - Dead End)
  • Altyre St
  • Monroe St (Dallas Ave - Meriden Rd)
  • Woodtick Rd (Frost Rd - Stillson Rd)

Streets that will be milled:

  • Manchester Ave (Alexander to Oldham)
  • Donald Terrace (Monroe to Dead End)
  • Altyre St
  • Monroe St (Dallas to Meriden Rd)
  • Woodtick Road (Frost Rd to Stillson Rd)
  • Bonnie Lane
  • Regal Court
  • Pritchard Rd (Stillson Rd to Wolcott St)
  • Warner St
  • Locust St (Orange - Walnut)
  • Warner St (Long Hill to Warner Place)
  • Locust St (Orange to Walnut)
  • Orange St (E. Main to High)
  • Orange St (High St. - E. Farm)
  • Coe St
  • Welton St
  • William St
  • Wall St
  • E.Main St (Elm to Newington Ave)

If you have any questions regarding this scheduled work, you may contact the Waterbury Department of Public Works at 203-574-6851.

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