According to the News Timessomeone stole a 100 lb. cast iron cow off the front lawn of New Fairfield resident Tony Freitas' home.

According to the report this item was "beloved" by Tony. Now I am not going to judge a guy for loving his lawn ornament, I have several. A man's lawn is sacred.

I had fully planned to head out to Tony's house, speak with him, collect physical evidence and dig until I found the truth. In fact, I had a message for the thieves. That message was,  "I'm coming and hell is coming with me!"

That is when I got a call from Tony's daughter Ali saying it had been returned. We headed out to Tony's home to get answers as to what happened here, and where the cow ended up. Check out the interview:

I take my investigations seriously. When you need answers, you go to the I-95 team, that is where the hell you go. We did not choose the investigation game, the investigation game chose us.

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