The end of October is always one of the saddest times of the year for our family.

Unfortunately, October 26 is the deadline for removing all boats from the New Fairfield Town Park docks. Every year, Mindy and I hold out until that very last day hoping that we'll be treated to just one more extraordinarily warm sunny day on Candlewood Lake. Fat chance!

Oct.26, the day our boat gets put away for the winter...Photo by Mindy
October 2016 - Photo by Ethan

More often than not, you may see us wearing winter jackets, hats, and gloves on that last day of the boating season trying our best to brave a cloudy and windy 45-degree day as we take our last cruise of the season. Check out I-95's mighty tower up on Carmen Hill Rd. in Brookfield in the photo below.

The I-95 Transmitter shown from Brookfield Shores - Photo by Ethan
There's nothing like a Fall foliage tour on Candlewood Lake

I know that I'm relentless when it comes to my affection for Candlewood Lake but my kids and my grandkids love it almost as much as Mindy and I. Between the cost for winter storage, boat slip, upkeep, and gas, owning a boat doesn't come cheap. I'd like to give a shout-out to Chatterton Marina owner, Phil Kraska for providing years of tender loving care to our 1996 Godfrey Sanpan pontoon. Until we meet again!



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