In a world full of disrespect and clout clout chasers, it's always so refreshing to come across a heartwarming story. That's the case today as police look to identify a mysterious good samaritan who rescued a man on a very busy highway in Connecticut.

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According to the Connecticut State Police, our unknown hero sprung to action upon witnessing a car crash on I-95 in the area of exit 9 in Stamford back on Saturday, September 4.

Apparently, when the vehicle was involved in an accident just before 5:30 AM on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, police say that not only did the vehicle go up flames, but the unidentified male operator was trapped inside, unable to get himself free.

From there, the unknown good samaritan, who police believe is a tow truck operator for an independent company, rushed to the driver's aid, removing the man from the burning wreck and at the same time, saving his life.

The Connecticut State Police ask that if you or anyone you know happens to be able to recognize the heroic tow truck driver, please give them a call by contacting Sergeant Gray of Troop G at either or 203-696-2500.

It's so nice to know that there are still good people out there willing to do good things for people in need. A job well done, sir, and I hope you receive the recognition you deserve.

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