According to the News Times, the website Seeking Arrangements saw a 66 percent increase in registered users from UCONN in 2017. Seeking Arrangements pairs wealthy men and women AKA "sugar daddies" with people in need of money who are willing to share their time AKA "sugar babies."

Now lets get real. Who are these people? Typically it's lonely dudes with money and young hot girls with no money. You don't even need an active imagination to see how this plays out. Basically it's a hooker and a "John."

You don't have to look far to find articles where someone in one of these relationships justifies it or points out that it's not what we think. I'm fresh off reading an article where a young woman points out all of the "pros" and insists she did not have to have any sex to get all this money.

Well if you believe that nonsense, I have a bridge to sell you. These are hookers and "John's." That's it and that is all.

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