Stink bugs invaded the Northeast around 2010 but are they a threat to society?

According to an article on, Mary Concklin, the Fruit Crops Integrated Pest Management Coordinator at UCONN knows just about everything there is to know about those irritating pesky little stink bugs that are hanging around your house.

These little buggers hitched a ride in cargo containers from Asia and have damaged fruit and vegetable crops in many states in the northeast but DO NOT BE AFRAID because they are not out to hurt you.

According to entomologists, or the bug experts, they regularly begin to show up when the warm weather hits and do their best to get inside your home for the sole purpose of becoming a pain-in-the-ass.

I've never experienced the 'stink' factor of the stink bug because I don't scream like a girl when I see one. Something like that will piss them off and that's when they emit their 'stink.' So when you see one, keep your cool, have a relaxed conversation with it or put out a piece of fruit as a special treat.

Not everyone can remain as cool, calm, and collected like myself. I'm sure there are some of you whose sole purpose is to get them to vacate your house as soon as humanly possible. Experts don't recommend the use of pesticides to murder these innocent bugs.

Every once-in-a-while I'll send one down the kitchen sink drain just for fun. Does that make me a bad person?

You're welcome.

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