No I.D. needed, folks. This is truly an ALL ages Rock and Roll show.

If you're a fan of U2 and you have kids than you may still have time to grab tickets for a very cool family music event. It's U2 for Kids and it's happening today at The Capital Theatre in Port Chester, NY. The shows are part of a series of concerts presented by The Rock and Roll Playhouse which allow kids to move, play and sing while listening to works from many classic rock bands and artists.

Utilizing the classic catalogue of songs from U2, The Rock and Roll Playhouse will put on a concert which includes games for babies and kids, movement, and stories all while they rock out to great music plus you the parents are invited to join in on the fun. It's a great introduction to a child's future love of both live music and rock and roll. There are two U2 for Kids shows scheduled; the first is happening in about an hour from now (11 a.m.) but you may still have time to catch the second show which starts at 3 p.m. At a price of just $17 for a ticket you can't beat it. Here's the link to get tickets.

If you can't make the U2 for Kids shows today don't worry there are more great shows to come. On Saturday, October 13th it's Music of Grateful Dead for Kids and Sunday, October 21st it's The Music of The Beatles for Kids. They also have shows featuring the music of Janis Joplin, The Band and The Allman Brothers Band scheduled for the coming months. Go to The Rock and Roll Playhouse events page for more info and tickets.

Here's a recent Rock and Roll Playhouse presentation at the Brooklyn Bowl featuring the music of Bruce Springsteen:

In 2018 classic rock continues to find its way into the minds, hearts and souls of a whole new generation. Just the other day my brother Marty, who is an elementary school teacher, had one of his students tell him his favorite band is KISS and even named his two favorite songs: "Beth" and "Detroit Rock City". This is a boy of about 8 or 9 years old. Rock on little dude!

It really is special to see all of the amazing music created as far back as the mid 60s making such a mark on children today. I will never forget the times I discovered a classic rock song or band whether it be hearing it on the radio or blasting through my older brothers' stereo speakers. It was truly magical. Thanks to The Rock and Roll Playhouse children are going to get that same magical feeling that will last a lifetime. Kids, take it from me, Rock and Roll is a beautiful thing. If you don't believe me just ask your parents.

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