A rollover on I-84 in Danbury has left two people seriously injured.

According to a release from the Danbury Fire Department, local dispatch received several calls late Monday night (January 29) reporting a vehicle rollover just before exit 3 on the eastbound side of I-84.

Under the assumption that the occupants of the vehicle could've been trapped inside, first responders arrived to find that about 200 feet of the highway's guardrail and a light pole had been severely damaged. The occupants, however, were no where to be found.

After securing the vehicle and immediate area for safety, the rescue crew used thermal imaging and lighting from Rescue 1 to search for the victims. From there, a search line was organized to scan both the woods and wetlands along that part of the highway.

Within a few minutes, the crew located the first of two victims about 75 yards from where the vehicle was, and he was brought to the roadside for treatment from the first responders. As the search continued, the second victim was located about 30 yards away from the first victim in what has been described as a pool of water. That victim is said to have suffered a minor head injury and the initial signs of hypothermia.

Both victims were then transported to Danbury Hospital under what has been described as "advanced life support."

This is a developing story and we'll be sure to keep you updated as more information rolls in.

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