According to the News Times, Dominick Deluise and his brother Andrew are accused of attacking two unidentified patrons at the Putnam House Restaurant on July 22. Police allege that they attacked two people with a baseball bat.

The article says by the time the police arrived, other customers at Putnam House had already subdued one of the men. Both brothers are due in Danbury Superior Court tomorrow to face assault and breach of peace charges.

These are alleged crimes and we will just have to wait for the wheels of justice to turn before we know what is what. It's my personal opinion, however, that people should not swing baseball bats in restaurants. Striking people with baseball bats is bad, but it really sucks when you are trying to enjoy a tasty meal.

Putnam House has some really good food. Whenever I am there, I am super excited to over-eat and have a glass of wine, so I'd be pretty put out if, while I was eating, someone hit me with a baseball bat, ya know?

The last time I was at the Putnam House I got two things. I ordered the "Puthut Quesadillas" and they were delightful. I was also excited about the staff's flexibility with my order. I wanted some wings and they have jumbo wings. I told the server, I am not so excited about the "jumbo" idea. I like small, crispy wings. If they are big, that's fine but I really would like them to be crispy. She understood and said she would make sure they were crispy for me. She rose to the occasion, and I am here to tell you those wings were crispy and delicious.

Now, had someone hit me with a baseball bat while I was digging into those crispy, delicious wings, I would have been seriously bummed out. Please leave your blunt objects at home, everyone. We are trying to wind down here.

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