The Trump Truck Brigade was a road rally in support of President Donald Trump that was observed in different cities throughout the country on Sunday. The Greater Danbury area one was called the "Back the Blue Trump Brigade 2020". These truck parades were largely organized on social media.

This video below was posted on Sunday October 11 to Youtube by user Angelo Appi.

The groups starting point was in Newtown, CT, and they rode to the Danbury Fair Mall and finished the ride at the Brookfield Republican National Headquarters, according to the description.

Just from knowing the area and looking at the video, it looks like the starting point was the parking lot of Edmond Town Hall in Newtown.

The second video was taken by one of our I-95 staff members who was cruising in the Cadillac Sunday and saw the parade of trucks pass right by him on Federal Road in Danbury.

The third video comes from Putnam County, NY. A different Youtube user (skinlab133) posted this video from Rt. 312 in Brewster, by the 84 East/West interchange on 312. You can see a big glass building in the background, that's called the the Southeast Executive Corporate Park.

I was in Brewster, NY Sunday on the other side of town and heard that there would be some sort of truck parade in support of Donald Trump. It's unclear to me if the CT brigade/video is related to the NY one, I have no way of knowing.

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