Spencer Boyd drives the No. 12 Chevrolet for Young’s Motorsports and is in his fifth full-time season in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

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Boyd competed full-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series in 2018 for SS Green Light Racing. Boyd won his first career Trucks Series race in October of 2019 at Talladega Superspeedway.

I was introduced to Spencer by the crew at Danbury's American Pavement Specialists when they were sponsoring his truck at Daytona back in 2021. We did a few segments with Spencer in anticipation of the event and we realized he just fits on our show.

We caught up with Spencer on the Friday (9/1/23) edition of the I-95 Morning Show, in anticipation of the 2023 NASCAR playoffs. We asked the lifetime driver who is Connecticut's best NASCAR driver of all-time?

Lou: You mentioned Joey Logan and Connecticut, I was wondering I know we don't have a rich NASCAR history here but who would you say is the best Connecticut driver of all-time, is it Logano? 

Spencer: "Oh man, Randy Lajoie. Randy LaJoie, I'm putting him at the top."

Lou: Oh OK, another name we always heard growing up around here was Jerry Nadeau 

Spencer: "Yeah, that is a big one too man." 

That was just a portion of our discussion, we talked to Spencer about a variety of things. We asked him if there is a particular driver that pisses him off on the track, if NASCAR has groupies and if he'll play spoiler in the upcoming playoffs. You can hear all of Spencer's answers in the full interview below.

Spencer even gave us a shout out from Daytona in 2021.

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